Nick’s 1990 240SX

Check out Nick Merrone’s 1990 Nissan 240SX.  This car is definitely a car that a lot of people have been following the build of and it is definitely a car that is put to good use.

Nick is the creator of which for all you 240 owners, is the place to go for build threads, general info or anything else you could possibly need for your car! So I would definitely recommend checking it out and posting up your own car and information on there.

As for Nick’s 240SX, it has gone through a lot since he first got the car, but it is definitely coming together nicely. So enough talk, its onto the mods list!

There isn’t any way to separate the mods into our typical Form and Function categories because it seems as if everything on the car is for both Function and Form.

Engine Modifications:
GT28 Turbo From nissan
Greddy Intake
Greddy intercooler piping
Koyo Radiator
Greddy Radiator Cap
Greddy down pipe w/ test pipe
ISIS blast pipes(not pictured)
ISIS screamer pipe
Samco Radiator hoses
Stainless steel turbo lines
Other random goodies

PBM Subframe collars
BC racing Coilovers
ISIS Rear Upper Control Arms
ISIS Tension Rods
Battle Version Toe Arms
Godspeed rear sway bar

Wheels, and Stopping Stuff:
17×9.5 Mb battles 215/45 front + 15 front
18×9.5 Mb battles 225/40 rear
Q45 brakes
5 lug swap


The car is undergoing a large amount of work at the moment.  Including a fresh paint job, New Wheels, Hot Road Front Bumper, Tucked Engine Bay, a Mid-Mount Intercooler setup and more!  Check out BroSpeed Performance on Facebook as well if you have work needed to be done on your 240SX or other vehicle!

Photos by: Ari Reese

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