Zack’s ’93 Miata and Matt’s ’90 240SX

We also met up with Zack and Matt today to shoot their cars.

Zack is running a clean 1991 Mazda Miata the is one of the lowest static cars I’ve seen daily driven and slid around like it should be.

The Miata features:

  • 1.6L JDM Engine
  • Raceland Coilovers
  • Garage Vary Front Lip
  • Jackson Racing Header
  • Test Pipe
  • Custom Cat-Back
  • XXR 002 Wheels (16×8 +0)
  • Boss Frog Double Maxx Roll Bar
  • Ralco Short Shifter
  • Welded Rear Differential

Matt’s 1990 240SX is also one of the cleanest I’ve seen. Β The entire car was stripped to the bare body and undercoated before the build to ensure that there was ZERO rust on the car. Β Uncommon for an S13 right?

Matt also has a long list of mods on the 240:

  • Blacktop SR20det swap
  • GT2871R Turbo (Tuned at 10, 14 and 18psi making 365 rwhp at 18psi)
  • Coilovers
  • XXR Wheels (17×9.5)
  • Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • Upgraded Calipers
  • 300ZX LSD Rear
  • 300ZX Axles
  • Straight Blast Pipes
  • S14 Interior w/ Momo Wheel
  • Apexi Power Programmer
  • Bee R Rev Limiter

Enjoy all of the pics shot by Mike Burns Photography!

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