Presents – The Winter Meet


So lets see, where does this all begin…

On Monday night, January 7th, someone mentioned to me that we should get the group of locals together one more time before everyone heads back out to school for a little meet.  The way I saw it was, forget it, lets make it huge!

8371719398_61356812a7_hAt 10:00PM Monday night, the Facebook event group was made and by 12:00am it had been spread to over 4,500 people thanks to some help from Philly Car Meets.

8371721000_b5c5105550_hI didn’t know what to expect because of the location, short notice, and lack of Warrington, PA being a popular spot for meets.  Most of the action normally takes place closer to the city.

8371724228_1ab13f6a5d_hWednesday night finally came around and no one knew what to expect.  The whole thing was a shot in the dark!  Whenever our group of locals roll out to meets though, its customary to meet at the Warrington car wash on Street Road to clean up our rides one last time.  However, by 7:00 Wednesday night, it wasn’t just the same group of locals at the wash.  Over 40 people flooded the bays in preparation for a meet.  That’s like a meet of its own in my eyes!

8371721304_b9c3434601_hAround 8:00 we finally rolled down the street to Target only to find two rows filled in the parking lot already….amazing!  As time went on more and more groups were rolling in from everywhere in the area!

8371725094_8df0d4f2dd_hThere was a little bit of everything at the meet and surprisingly people followed the rules for the most part.  There is always gonna be those few people that try to ruin it for everyone else.  And for the guy in the white single cab, short bed Ram…sweet tire spins around the corners…3 times…everyone thought it was the coolest thing evar!

8371724864_1365d3da22_hOnce the police finally did arrive, I was told by the officer whom I know, that it was the biggest car meet Warrington has ever seen! I would like to thank everyone out there who came out and made the drive for it.  I would also like to thank Philly Car Meets and Warrington Police for being cool with it all!  And another big thanks to our friends at Yup!!! Truck Club who came out to support us!
See you all at the next one!

Words: Mike DeFusco
Photos: Mike Burns Presents - The Winter Meet8370650291_504cd30adb_h8370655309_71125987d7_h 8370655107_7a2e97a7b8_h 8370651129_d3688fd491_h 8370652229_d970cd43db_h 8370653755_0c799689b1_h 8370654927_fdbd38d760_h 8370654665_4812dbe982_h 8370657157_1d5dc74db2_h 8370655795_3284cd6460_h 8370657729_2a80dc3661_h 8371719708_d12db8abc2_h 8371718120_09e9e7c57c_h 8371717350_6f98cf0397_h 8371720044_263e351bbb_h 8371720666_edf21a0a45_h 8371720848_52a0cd276a_h 8371721562_c521f78d14_h 8371722292_d3bf80e68d_h 8371722568_fd77fb5ac1_h 8371723670_12a45b91b6_h 8371724358_72a94b471f_h 8371724600_ae49620373_h 8371725644_d0e7a54752_h 8371726542_8b2c75d56d_h

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