Yup!!! Truck Club 3rd Annual Winter BBQ

Yup BBQWe’ve always been close friends with the guys in Yup!!! Truck Club since way before StanceCoalition was around.  Three years ago, the club came up with the last minute idea to get everyone together for a BBQ.  The crowd was the same local group that we would always hang out with and it was a nice cold day in January.

Yup BBQLast year, the weather turned out to be 60 degrees and we filled the parking lot at Lower Nike Park in Warrington, PA with cars both local and spanning from outside the Philly area.

Yup BBQThis year however, was insane! automotive clubs and car enthusiasts flocked from all over to join us in the BBQ that once started off as a small local gathering.  Within the first hour of the day, the lot was filled and overflow parking was making it’s way down the drive way of the park.

Yup BBQPeople from out of state were able to make the drive out and it was awesome seeing the support that everyone had for the club.

Yup BBQStanceCoalition was also able to shoot a few features during the day, including our first minitruck feature!

Yup BBQThis event was also big because we were able to bring the 3000GT project car out to its first event in 2 years!  Although motorless, she was still grabbing some attention.

Yup BBQNewly founded Yup!!! Fabrications was also able to display their latest project.  A bagged Mazda pickup for NonStop Media!

Yup BBQYup BBQAll in all it was a great day and a great turnout.  We can’t wait to see everyone come out again for next year and at Yup!!! Truck Clubs first show, The Catalina Wine Dragger 2013 (See To Do List for Event Link).

Yup BBQWords: Mike DeFusco
Photos: Mike BurnsYup BBQ

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