Jason D. | ’95 318i Mystery Machine

Jason D

It’s 30 degrees and an hour and a half into the travels.  One would think….who the heck lives out here?  Well for 1995 BMW 318i owner Jason D. a beautiful white stallion anxiously awaits her day of recognition.

Jason D

Jason, born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvannia has been an avid enthusiast of Bavarian Motor Works for years.  Twin brother Brandon and enthusiast alike joins him to restore, modify and breath life into these almost 20 year old machines.

Jason D

As an outsider(not being a twin myself), I’ve seen many twins who have many of the same likes, dislikes and qualities that complement the other.  This one has sure played out to be the best combinations possible.  It seems to be that Jason is a very keen idea thinker with combination to his brother Brandon’s being savvy skill with the torch and metal.  Not being able to separate these two, the ideas and skill clash like a meteor into the earth.  The end result…sheer stardom.

Jason DJason D

In June of 2010, Jason, looking for a new project was about to unravel a can of worms for his new candidate.  The candidate, a white 1995 E36 318i that was bound for the junk yard.  It was his mind that this would be a great combination for a candy red 305 Chevy small-block that had been sitting in his house for some time.

Jason D PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotography-JasonD-7

As the seasons changed, so did the wheels, the years rolled on and the car slowly grew fond of itself, claiming a shaved engine bay, a beautiful candy red 305 small-block and a new skylight used to gulp air into the 4 barrel Holley carburetor.

PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotography-JasonD-9 Jason D

As I rolled up, I was astounded by not only the weather(sunny with spits of clouds) but the glow from this beautiful creature coming out from this small garage.  Spotless paint, seamless black trim and the most beautiful, clean wheels sparkled as it reversed into the parking lot.  All I could hear was this incredible roar coming from the small 8 cylinder otherwise oem beast.

Jason D

Fumbling as I unloaded the car because my eyes and ears were literally glued to every move the stallion made, the footage started.    Welcoming me with a baritone of orchestral automotive prowess,  I was humbling invited to join Jason, brother and friend James K. in the garage to heart up for introductions and some back story.

Jason D

After thawing out from the 30 degree weather I walked around to scope locations and inquire about any that the boys were inclined to take us.  As I peeked around, I found that there was no real need to head far!  I pointed, he drove, I directed, he followed…it was a ballet of heavy metal and photographic shutter releases, you would have even thought the camera was having a seizure it was so excited!

Jason D

*   *   *   Snap snap snap  *   *   *, “turn your wheels ½ turn to the left,” I said, Jason noded in reply and cocked the gold ARE wheels and the rest is history.

PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotography-JasonD-20 PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotography-JasonD-21 PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotography-JasonD-16 PhiladelphiaAutomotivePhotography-JasonD-12 Jason DPhotos & Words: Cary Smith McCaughey


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