OneMotion Shop Feature

OneMotion Fabrication
Philadelphia, PA


One Motion LLC recently began conducting business in 2010 and is a pretty well known shop now a days.


The shop is ran by, Michael Quinonez and Collin Jones who are both very knowledgeable when it comes to rebuilding a motor and fabricating.


They believe that metal fabrication is an art form and take much care in all of the work that they do. if you can think of a part you want customized, then they can make it.


Michael Quinonez is actually building a sweet 240sx. His goal for the car is to eventually make it a complete race car with all kinds of modifications to the chassis and drivetrain.


His power plant and supporting mods coming soon will be a: VQ35DE, Up-Rev, Griffin Radiator, Competition Clutch, OneMotion x-pipe exhaust, and Haltech 350z Platinum.

ImageOneMotion is also one of Reese Marin’s Sponsors, so don’t forget to Support Reese Marin PRO-AM season this year @


And Also

OneMotion Fabrication is having a shop party on Sunday March 17,2013. Come down and meet thier new fabricator Collin Jones, and the rest of the crew. Everyone is invited to come. No need to worry about food and drinks! We will have plenty!

  • 1251 Byberry Road, Bldg. F
  • Philadelphia, PA 19116


Feel free to contact OneMotion anytime for questions

Phone: (267) 343-7174

Photos: Frantzy Ulysse
Words: Frantzy Ulysse

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