Don’t Mess with Texas – Vo’s TT


At StanceCoalition, we were fortunate enough to have linked up with Texas photographer, Jakeb Miller, to hook us up with what’s good in Texas.


For Jakeb’s first StanceCoalition feature, he brings us Raymond Vo’s 2008 Audi TT (MK2 8J) from Grand Prairie, Texas.


Ray decided to trade in his MKV R32 VW in at DFW Audi just after they released the new TT body style.  It was the car he always wanted to own.  The sharper lines and refined design gave it a much more aggressive look.


Shortly after the purchase of the TT, Ray quickly moved along and purchased some fresh KW V1 Coilovers.  Although now having a desire for air ride, Ray achieved a good and functional stance with his KW Coils and 19″ Eurotek LM Reps.


Ray was pushed by the desire to build something different.  An Audi TT is not a common sight on the road, but when you do see one, they are typically bone stock.  And this modded TT brought home the Hottest Audi award from Hot Import Nights in Dallas, Texas!


In addition to the EVOMS CAI, BSH PCV Delete Kit, and Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve, Ray soon hopes to upgrade to a K04 turbo, Forge Motorsports FMIC, downpipe, ECU tune, and possibly a new wheel and tire setup.


And I think the most uncommon modification that you don’t typically see is the sweet Recaro booster seat mounted up on the rear seats!


Special thanks goes to for providing quality vinyl work, for providing amazing photos, and for offering a great localized online Euro community to go to for knowledge and support.
One last shoutout goes to Natalie Hoo, Andrew and Kevin Gerlach, and Christine Vo for the support they have provided!

Vo TTPhotos: Jakeb Miller Photography
Words: Mike DeFusco

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