#ShrinkAllTheCars Meet


Many of you have heard of the infamous #ShrinkAllTheCars on Instagram.  The story behind all this madness you ask?

Chad Kreiling, close friend of Cory Burgess, started this fund to help his friend Cory in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis.  Thousands of cars had been shrunk by Kreiling for a small fee to help raise the money for Cory.  “What Started as an Idea, Grew into a Community” is what headlined the event page as the numbers went up by the hundred as the meet date got closer.


Hundreds of people rolled in to FDR Park in Philly, PA early in the morning on April 14th.  The line was long, but well worth it once we saw the massive amount of people and cars at the event.  Although the meet lasted less than an hour before getting broken up, it was a good time for a great cause!



Photos & Words : Mike DeFusco

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