Jimmy Vishio’s BMVW


First off, you may be asking, why did they spell BMW wrong?  Well it’s because Jimmy calls his car the BMVW.  Again you may be asking, why?

According to Jimmy, the car has the reliability of a BMW, but the aesthetics of a Volkswagen.  He has always wanted a MK1 and he’s running stock, OEM VW wheels on the car anyways! (Jokes)


“I bought the car from an old man when I was 18, bone stock, it had only 80k. I’m 25 now and it’s far from stock, and still running strong with 230k, mostly because Moonlite Motorwerks has kept my car alive.”


“Its crazy how far the car has come, learning to work on the car, learning how to drive manual for the first time… Funny part about that, when I bought the car I didn’t know how to drive stick. I gave the guy cash, took the keys, got in the car and said to myself “F**k, I’m going to crash and die attempting to take this home.” Luckily my cousin Drew was with me and he was going to follow me home in my Buick, so I knew I had someone to watch my back as I went home. Well an hour later, 20 or so stalls, and the stench of burnt clutch I made it home.”

IMG_8937-Edit IMG_8974

“With out this car I wouldn’t have been able to road trip to new states, SOWO, or H20. I have met tons of new friends, you all know who you are. With out this car I wouldn’t have a reason to stand and bullsh*t with friends in the “Empty Lot Next to Sonic in Limerick” every Monday all night. These all seem pointless too most people, but I know everyone has gotten good memories from the stance movement.”

IMG_8918 IMG_8908

“At this point with the car I have no big plans for it. I feel like I have achieved everything I wanted from first owning the car. This is my favorite phase of the car. I think its just time to keep driving it until the motor blows and give it a proper send off.”

IMG_8981 IMG_8976

Jimmy’s first modification to his 3-Series was a simple cold air intake and as you can see, much more has evolved from the build.  He always said that ‘Rusty Slammington’ was his motivation and role model for the build.  Mike Burroughs would always shock Jimmy with the crazy ideas and creations that he had and Jimmy saw ‘Rusty’ as a piece of art itself.


Photos: Reed Weimer for StanceCoalition

Words: Jimmy Vishio & Mike DeFusco

IMG_8983 IMG_8986 IMG_8987 IMG_8911 IMG_8952 IMG_8969-Edit



Cold air intake,

M50 manifold

Shark injector tune


Straight pipes to an AAGen3 exhaust

Fan delete


#7 pool ball shift knob

Custom headliner

Head unit

All new speakers

12 inch subwoofer


M3 bumper

M3 side moldings

Ebay M3 rear diffuser

Clear markers and tails

Black kidney grills


1st Gen Raceland Coilovers


Custom Painted Salad Shooters

One response to “Jimmy Vishio’s BMVW

  1. I got an e36 I got a question I got the same salad shooters what size spacers did you use and was there any customizing to the spacers cause I know the center of the hub doesn’t fit with just trying to mount the wheel alone but if I put spacer will there need to be customizing to make them fit

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