About Us

StanceCoalition.com was founded in November of 2011 with the mindset of bringing the Philadelphia automotive community together and focusing on the most well built, lowest autos in the tristate area.  StanceCoalition is made up of a strong team of individuals who were all born and raised in the Philadelphia area with the drive to put the city on the map in the automotive community.


We set out to achieve the goal of covering automobiles and events in the area to put the city of Philly on the map.  For years, the east coast has been trumped over by the vast number of West Coast media outlets, but StanceCoalition was brought up to help bring the East Coast to the top.

We also hope to bring continued community support with events and fundraisers to give back to the city that has supported us in our growth.


With new seasons coming, we plan to expand our horizons and bring you more about the Cars, Culture, Community, and Creativity that revolves around our lifestyle.